#22: Chmura’s Bakery-Yummy!

The Indian Orchard neighborhood of Springfield has lots to be proud of. Like any destination commercial district, you need a world class bakery. Chmura’s Bakery delivers the blue ribbon for the neighborhood and arguably the entire City of Springfield.

Tired of Starbucks? Sad that Three Cafe is moving? Still want to drink coffee and eat carbs in Springfield? Look no further. Saturday morning do yourself a favor. Head over to Chmura’s Bakery on Pulaski Street in Indian Orchard (right off Parker Street near the Cumberland Farms gas station).

Immediately inside the door, you are greeted with a sign that claims Chmura’s is the oldest single family owned bakery in New England. Further inside the door, you see that the family is Polish and has deep roots in the Polish community of Springfield. A news stand with three editions of Polish language newspapers are available at the doughnut case.

Did I say doughnuts? Oh boy did I ever. Sugar raised twists. You must have one of these confections- they are unbelievable. But save room. The famous, gotta have it, get there before they are sold out item? Apple fritters. I cannot convey through a blog post how dreamy, puffy, sweet and perfect these apple fritters are. These are the kind of carbs that wake up a pregnant woman in the middle of the night.

Read Polish? Chmura’s has you covered.

I wish I could say that you can stop there. Alas, there is no turning back at this point. Pies, fresh baked bread, many traditional Polish sweets, coffee cakes, cookies.

There is also a cooler case inside the door with locally made kielbasa, locally produced milk (I think from Mapeline Farms in Hadley) and much more. As an avid “local-vore” I was very happy to see that Chmura’s supports the entire local food economy.

I buzzed around the store, stuffing my arms, building a pile of “death by gluten and sugar”. People hanging out at tables, drinking coffee, looked at me like I was crazy. I thought- this is going to cost me, but it’s for research. Finally I told Kathryn to ring me up. Bracing I heard the grand total…$21.63?! What? Well shit- give me two more fritters and throw in a pink milk for Taylor. Cheap and amazing- that’s what makes the local haunts so awesome.

Kathryn guards my huge pile of carbo love

I ate the twist on the way home, covering Bruce’s car seat with sugar (better get rid of that- didn’t get him one). I greeted my family with apple fritters, pumpkin pie and cookies.┬áCarb loading never tasted so good.

Thank you Chmura’s! A worthy celebration of Food Friday!!

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7 thoughts on “#22: Chmura’s Bakery-Yummy!

  1. Hey Katie,

    I have lived in Springfield for over 40 years and have NEVER been to Chmura’s Bakery.
    It’s on my list!!!

    Thanks! Vera

  2. I remember getting a coffee at Gus & Paul’s. One of the guys that work there told me he heard rumors that their sourdough starter is over 100 years old while G.P’s is only about 50. I’ve got to remind myself to get a sourdough bread the next time I’m in the Orchard.

  3. I’m really enjoying your blog-I love your positive attitude and appreciate the amount of effort & time your putting in to it =)

    1. I believe the Belmont Ave location is closed. I am not sure when the Longmeadow store opens. I also do not know when “Auntie Cathie’s Bakery” will open at the Belmont location. The gluten free bakery will stay at Belmont and the restaurant is going to Longmeadow.

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